Caro is identifying and locating spaces in which to test and make her group or single assemblages of found objects.

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Mary Moser's Friends - The Cut

Mixed media canvas hanging with oil paint, tie dyed and onion skin fabric, curtain tassles, shawls, frames, gels, tufted poms poms, collage, hair pieces, plaster, hessian, enamel paints, cake covers, dabbers, led lights, silver and gold paint, oil sticks, marker pens, fringes, shawls.

To the left of the banner a plaster face with lips and to the right of the banner, skirt and frame with glove and eye.

Small dabber in front with cake cover and lights.
Large dabber in front with plaster, netting, etching blanket, hair tassels and weights.

Variable sizes

film - Angelica and I

Angelica and I

Angelica and I is a performance/installation/sound piece which is representing Angelica Kauffman and the other women from the long eighteenth century through sound and sculpture.


film - My Meeting with Mary Moser

My Meeting with Mary Moser

My Meeting with Mary Moser is a sculpture and photographic projection conveying the position of the missing women in the long eighteenth century.

Shown at the Blyth Gallery, Imperial College in 2019.

film - She's come undone

She's come undone

Sound installation
Spoken word
duration: 3 hours


she's come undone - left view

Left view of ‘She’s Come Undone’

(See works page for detail of each piece)

‘We keep vigil’
‘You blush, I smirk’
‘Who is this disobedient?’

she's come undone - left side

Left side of 'She's come undone'

‘Meticulous Me’
‘Someone’s living room’
‘We keep vigil’
‘You blush, I smirk’
‘Peculiar Person!’

she's come undone - front view

Front view 'She's come undone'

‘You blush, I smirk’
‘Who is this disobedient?’
‘Purely Decoration’

she's come undone - right view

Right view of 'She's come undone'

‘Purely Decoration’
‘You pluck up a felt tip pen’
‘Perpendicular Size!’

she's come undone - right side

Right side of 'She's come undone'

‘You pluck up a felt tip pen’
‘Perpendicular Size!’
‘I keep losing balance’

film - Wendy


Sound installation


my fathers ashes

My Father's Ashes

Plinth 100 x 10cm /wooden box 10 x 10cm square/picture 20 x 12cm

November 2012



Victorian Cloche 40 x 20 cm with merino wool enclosed, plinth 30 x 20 x 20cm square with a light projector 138 x 168 x 136 with fibre optic lighting

October 2012


An Assemblage of Found Objects Part II

Door 2m x 760cm, table 1m dia x 750cm ht lamp presses 460 x 200cm.
1960’s table with plastic cloth/metal door grille/door with mirror/gold hinges and clay infill/clay presses x 3

September 2011

an assemblage 1

An Assemblage of Found Objects Part I

1.8 x 0.8 x 4m
Curtain, 5m Alloy tower with curtain and found objects.

September 2011