Caro Halford is a British Artist living and working in London and Suffolk

Her work is the result of research-based practice that is exploring the lives and works of Mary Moser and portraiture of Angelica Kauffman, these two female Royal Academy Founders have inspired her performances such as ‘Angelica and I’ in which Caro posed beside a portrait of Kauffman in the Spotlights Room at the Tate Britain holding a frame very similar to that of her Angelica's self-portrait c.1768-1775 See Performance page

Caro later staged an imaginary conversation with Mary Moser or rather with George Romney’s portrait of Mary Moser (1771) at the National Portrait Gallery in 2019. See performance page.


Caro’s recent performance was with Mary Moser’s Friends on Tour at The Visionary British Museum on 22nd March 2024 and the next performance is scheduled for the 11th of May 2024 at 11am with guest speaker Dr Hannah Lyons.
This performance was originally shown at The Cut from 29th of July till 26th August 2023.

For more information on the Mary Moser’s Friends on Tour in 2024. Please follow Caro on Instagram for latest updates @CaroHalford.

For recent writing on Mary Moser’s Friends at The Cut by Cherry Smyth, please see the attached pdf.
For the latest writing on Mary Moser’s Friends on Tour at The Visionary British Museum by Miles Clayton of Agility PR, please see the attached pdf

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