Caro is a multi-disciplinary artist, she has recently completed a MFA degree in Fine Art at Goldsmiths and has a studio at ASC, Bond House, New Cross Gate, London.

end of shirley's party

There is a thin line between desire and fetishisation in her artwork.  This desire becomes more apparent as the performer continues to talk, at times about herself, and at other times, about you.  She places you in embarrassing encounters with the sculpture.  Are you being talked about,  or is she referring to the artist herself? or himself?

Caro primarily works with collage and text, manipulated from consumer magazines and photography, cutting and pasting by hand, often adding piercing eyes, lips or a handmade object. There is a sense of flux and ambiguity as to whether the work is a painting, sculpture or textiles.

Perpendicular Size!

Shown at the Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Degree Show 2016, 14th - 18th July 2016